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They were back in 2007, third time since we were Juniors. Fortunately, they couldn't stay and add some buzz to our reunion.

The front door.

The entrance to higher learning. The once in a while disrespected "dump on the hump" may look the same, but it isn't. How many times have you thought, "You know Glenbard was a pretty good school. I learned a lot there."

Memorial park.

It had a redo a few years ago to feature a soccer field and a soft ball diamond. Remember p.e. here on those cold days in the spring and the fall?

The back door.

Running up those back stairs from the parking lot after driving about during lunch period. Puff! Puff!

Duchon Field.

Coach Duchon did a lot of good work here. He earned the honor.

Duchon Field.

Much improved in 50 years.

Lake Ellyn Boathouse.

Pretty much the same, except the row boats, pier and the island are only a memory.

The Boathouse in Summer.

About the only boats you see here are on the 4th of July celebration. The Cardboard Regata is must see and do event that attracts the whole town.

The Talylor Avenue underpass.

You no longer have to honk your horn to avoid a head-on. There is a stop light, (duh!) modern technology. The candy store and the C A & E rail overpass are gone. Now the Prarie Path goes over TA where the "Roaring Elgin" once clattered.

The Glen Ellyn Library.

Now five blocks west of the former 1914 Carnegie structure, it's still one of the busiest places in a town of avid readers. Our PL is celebrating its Centennial this year.

Main Street.

Many of the buildings are the same, but few of the businesses are. It was a two way street in '57, but still it is not an easy place to find parking.

The Flower Barrel.

Yum! This place has maintained its 1932 murals of baker elves who conspire to enlage your waistline. If you want a good selection of pastries, you had better shop before 8:30.

Glen Ellyn Style.

Despite what the Chamber of Commerce slogan implies, like many central business districts Glen Ellyn is home to fewer small shops and more banks and restaurants.

The Glen.

Now multi-screen like most vintage movie theaters, the last time I was in there the seats still pre-dated me. And, the floor was still sticky. Nostalgia.

The Metra Station.

Formerly the CN&W station, the new building remains on the wrong side of the tracks for inbound riders. Many of these mid-day riders were likely headed to a Cub game.

The Methodist Church.

The church graduated to a new sanctuary when we did.

The Civic Center.

Headquarters of Village government, many of us went to junior high in this building. And Prince Castle used to be right acorss the street. Great "sliders"- no longer.

Glen Oak Country Club.

One of the finest private golf clubs in the Chicago metro area, Glen Oak is the traditional home of our reunion dinner/dance. A good time was had by all, once again!

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