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Welcome to the Glenbard Class of 1957 Web Site!

(To make our web site easy to navigate, links to other pages on the web site are typed in this non-Glenbard color, so just click on this color text to go to them.)

Today, email is easiest way to communicate.  You can email the Committee on the Contact page.  Help us make sure your street address, email address, and telephone number in our classmate database are accurate.  And, if you like, tell us what you are up to now.

Send such info you have on other classmates using the Contact page as well. We will keep any information you send us confidential and off the web site.

If you want to contact other classmates, send us a note, and if we have their address data, we will send them a message to get in touch with you by email.

For some nostalgia, click on the Yearbook, '57 DC Trip, 1982, 1990  pages and take a Photo Tour of Glen Ellyn.  Yes, the years have flown by, but somehow it all just seems like yesterday.....

I hope you will add our web site to your Favorites list or place the link on your desktop. We are at www.glenbard1957.org .  Also, the link to our reunion site will be on the Village web site:  www.glen-ellyn.com .