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The Hospitality Suite at the Fairfield


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We got first class hospitality at the Fairfield.

Rick Bowman - "OK I'm here. Let's party!"

Carol Emmons Larkin, Ed Larkin, Carol Jorgensen Schopke

Gale McGinty Crowder, Kent Hayward, Nita Hayward

Gary Overmyer, Bev Bainbridge Overmyer

Carol Emmons Larkin, Bev Bainbridge Overmyer, Diane Tompkins Cull, Becky Wright von Tucher

Pete Newkirk, Paul Bryan

Kathy Bryan, Margo Babb

Carolyn Manley Payne, Joanne Eichman Heuer

Nita and Kent Hayward

Mr. & Mrs. John Biemeck

Paul and Kathy Bryan, Joanne Eichman Heuer


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